Lumiere Penthouse

  • Completed 2016

Lumiere is a magnificent three-storey penthouse located in the heart of Bathurst Street, Sydney. Its architecture is a perfect blend of uncompromised quality, luxury, and refinement.

The corkscrew staircase that connects the three floors is a unique sculptural piece that not only provides functional access but also plays with light, creating ever-changing patterns of light and shadow. The panoramic views of the city and harbour are reflected throughout the apartment, offering different aspects and visual focus that are otherwise not easily discernible.

The use of marble, travertine, and a range of reflective materials throughout the penthouse adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. The bathrooms are a testament to precision detailing and craftsmanship with luxurious materials that make them an epitome of excellence. The meticulous design resolution, detailed documentation, and the close collaboration with the builder and key trades made it possible to achieve our objective of creating not just a vision, but a reality. Joiners, cabinet makers, and stonemasons all played a crucial role in bringing this masterpiece to life.

  • Completed 2016

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