South Coast House

  • Completed 20xx

South Coast House is located below an escarpment, facing the ocean on the south coast of New South Wales. 

The existing heritage-listed 1879 Federation Filigree-style school principal’s house was restored, along with new, considered, and respectful contemporary additions. 

The house’s rear was opened to accommodate a new entrance, kitchen, dining and utility area, connecting to the new and original verandahs. 

New elements include steel-framed doors and windows, fine-proportioned steel double-flat columns, and a flat roof profile with a modest scale in proportion to the original house. Clear delineation between the original and new elements celebrates the cottage’s history while looking forward to the new chapter serving as a contemporary weekender. 

Natural and unadorned materials were selected to complement the palette and form of the original building fabric. These included stainless steel, basaltina, concrete, sandstone, steel, and timber. 

Our client, an avid gardener, designed, planted, and nurtured a beautiful, layered garden. The picking garden, with a custom outdoor stone and steel wood-fire cooking facility located in the kitchen courtyard, provides for our client’s love of cooking and entertaining. Both the house and garden sit in harmony with the natural landscape. 

In addition to the 20th-century furniture classics to accompany our client’s contemporary art collection, a series of custom, locally fabricated furniture pieces were specifically designed for the house. These include an entry console, dining table, pivoting bedside tables, credenzas, and daybed, which juxtapose the heritage elements while also sitting in harmony without overpowering or confusing the layers of history.

  • Completed 20xx

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